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Born in Bilbao, Spain, the early contact of Paco with photography and advertising was inevitable. His father, professional Art Director, and a great amateur photographer, soon discovered him the darkroom mysteries and communication’s magic. 

After growing glued to a camera, he moved to Barcelona in late 80’s, and got work as  assistant, with some of the leading fashion and advertising photographers of that time. 

He was quickly seduced by the advertising field, and engaged for eight years, along with his partner, to gain experience, skills, illusion, and also it must be said, a handful of awards, until 1999, the year in which he starts his own career. 

At present, he has the privilege of working producing images for advertising and packaging projects, both locally for spanish companies and internationally for food and beverage multinational corporations.

As a food culture enthusiast, Paco applies that passion in each shot, trying to achieve the delicate balance between pure appeal, sensitivity in details, naturalness, and the obvious commercial goal.

Recent clients include Bacardí, Nestlé, Danone, Brugal, Kelloggs, Campofrío, Bonduelle, Hewlett Packard, Star Italia, El Corte Inglés, Kraft Foods, LaSelva, Oscar Mayer, Dr. Oetker, Amstel and Lactalis.

Although Paco is happy photographing food and products in his specifically designed studio, (food stylists love its spacious kitchen flooded with natural light!), He also enjoys working outdoors and abroad when his clients ask for it, or when shooting personal projects related to landscapes and people.
Since it is our main work space, we have tried to make our studio a functional, comfortable and inspiring place!
a photo studio can be also an amazing playground for children...!! Alexandra Arará here getting some fun with herbs in a working Saturday...